Eat Not Before TravelEating before traveling is something which others cannot avoid to do no matter how risky it is to lose their “bowels” in the middle of the trip, and it’s somewhat funny to imagine, though, that some travelers have already experienced humiliating themselves because of the indigestion they have had on the ship or plane. You can probably imagine how the scenario would be if you are in the same situation – it’s just like you want to postpone your travel to avoid the consequences that you are horribly anticipating. But then you have no choice but to pursue the trip and just relieve your doubt with medicine and diverting your thought into something positive and motivating. Continue Reading »

Security Travel Tips

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Having so many things to bring is a common concern among the travelers regardless whether the trip is local or international. And it is not even strange to see a bundle of belongings being carried by a first-timer if you are to observe the scenario in the airport and any other places where foreign tourists often flocked together. But it’s not actually what they are carrying which is the problem, but on how they pack them is the one making the lighter items heavier and uncomfortable to carry. Continue Reading »

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